I am Antonio and I have just graduated in Philosophy and Sociology at the University of Aberdeen. My main interests lie in political philosophy, philosophy of science and in the potential of new technologies to transform societies and identities. While studying great authors of the past such as Aristotle, Hobbes, Arendt, Weber, and Kuhn is a great passion of mine, I strongly believe in the importance of using their insights together with new analysis and approaches to understand the most important issues of our time. We live in a very complex world that requires interdisciplinary dialogue: this is why I am at GARI, working on the news digest on technology, politics, society, economy, environment, science, energy, and defence.

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The world must establish a genuine dialogue between the most advanced technologies and artificial reasoning capabilities on the one hand, and the normative and critical capabilities of the social sciences on the other. We have reached the point where their mutual inspiration and cross-fertilization is a must.



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