The Global Arena Research Institute is proud to provide professional Research Fellowships to talented individuals worldwide. We uniquely give responsibility to our Fellows on a professional level. We aim to provide an experience at a completely professional and advanced level. Our Fellowships are coveted and competitive and our selection process reflects that.

GARI also offers Professional Traineeships as well as trainee positions as Data Researcher/Analyst. Please see those here: 

Research Fellowship

The GARI researcher position is a fluid role that involves furthering GARI’s central research projects as well as aiding in the day-to-day functions of the Institute. Researchers’ tasks include a diverse set of responsibilities including both traditional academic and conceptual research on subjects including historical, economic, and political events, as well as trade flows, energy, and technological innovation. Research may also include quantitative data collection and analysis. Data sourced from online databases and publicly available reports from private corporations and international organizations are also utilized in GARI’s projects. 

Whom we want to take on:

  • Individuals interested in cross-disciplinary topics (international affairs, globalisation, technology, security, economics)

  • Individuals who are able to look and see outside the box and go beyond their ingrained style of thinking and expand their imaginations as to conceptualizing topics, subjects, ideas, as well as past, current and future affairs


Responsibilities and duties will include:

  • Doing qualitative as well as quantitative research on GARI related topics and projects

  • Creating Next 100 programme area portfolios (Politics, Society, Defence, Energy, Science, Technology and more)

  • Curating questions, scenarios and topic points for each programme area


  • Masters or PhD level, we will accept Bachelor level if the candidate is exceptional

  • Areas of Technology, Science, Research, EU policy, Politics, International Relations, Globalisation, Geopolitics

  • A strong sense of cross-disciplinarity, interest & knowledge in multiple fields

  • Experience in research (academic, scientific, methodology, referencing, analysis)

  • Interest in GARI subjects and topics


  • Strong command of the English language

  • Communication: professional verbal and written communication

  • Methodology & referencing, literature reviews

  • Time Management: meet assignment deadlines and produce results

  • Adaptability: willingness to learn and adapt in various sectors of the organisation

  • Initiative: someone who doesn’t have to wait to receive direction for every task, and who’s willing to assist others

  • Receptiveness: ability to learn from mistakes and to address any weaknesses or shortcomings

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