The N100 platform’s mission is to bring together the most progressive minds in the economic, business and technological fields together with the most innovative and prominent international political figures, as well as impactful social scientists, thinkers, economists and natural scientists. Our joint task is to pave the way for a working dialogue about how to translate the crisis-driven language into future-oriented ideas on a global scale and a vision of the next one hundred years.


Jeffrey Franks, Director, IMF Europe


Tim Palmer, Research Professor, The Royal Society


Jeffrey Sachs, Economist, Columbia Earth Institute

Shmuel Bar, Founder and Director, IntuView

Tony Curzon Price, UK Government, Department of Economy and Industrial Strategy, Senior Economic Advisor

Jan Havranek, Private Office of the NATO Secretary-General


Karel Janecek, Founder of the Janecek Method, Democracy 21, Anticorruption Foundation, NEURON

Jan Lukacevic, Research Assistant at the Department of Space Physics, New Europe 100 Challenger

Hans Pung, President, RAND Europe

JP Kloppers, Founder and CEO, BrandsEye

Thomas Roca, Data Strategist, Microsoft & LinkedIn


Frederick Bordry, Director of Acceleration & Technology, CERN

Robert-Jan Smits, President, Eindhoven University, Former Director-General of Research & Innovation, EU Commission, architect of Horizon 2020 and ERC



The first Next 100 Symposium in 2018 marked the end of World War I. In the aftermath of the war, the foundations for a multilateral world order were laid out. Today, those foundations are being challenged by a world overwhelmed with digital and information stimulation. 


The brightest minds from the technological and social scientific fields must come together to translate current global tensions into transformative opportunities. The Next 100 Symposium aims to provide a groundbreaking international platform to achieve this goal of linking technological progress with social and political advancement.


  • bring together the most progressive minds in the technological and computing fields with influential social scientists and thinkers to discuss rising challenges to the global order;

  • start a dialogue on all levels about how to use the most innovative computing capabilities to address the challenges being dealt with in the social scientific sphere;

  • draft a new perspective on global normative and institutional frameworks, which will result in a series of reflections for future debates, impact-related strategies, and policy recommendations.

ReDefine Next 100 brings together selected students from diverse fields including humanities, social sciences, engineering, medicine, computing science, art and the natural sciences. In international teams, selected top young leaders will identify the issue they perceive to be the paramount global challenge in the future. Each diverse team will incorporate innovative ideas from various fields and will propose a way to address their selected challenge.  Teams will be invited to Prague for a five day-long workshop, where they will refine their work with the guidance of high-level mentors. The top teams from the seminar week, as selected by a panel of experts, will be invited to present their ideas at The Next 100 Symposium in November. 
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The world must establish a genuine dialogue between the most advanced technologies and artificial reasoning capabilities on the one hand, and the normative and critical capabilities of the social sciences on the other. We have reached the point where their mutual inspiration and cross-fertilization is a must.



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