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AID twiglow

What we offer is our absolutely unique and very advanced technology AID Twiglow - After three years of data gathering, cleaning and developing our machine-learning modelling capacities, we are finally able to put our nascent digital ontology of globalization (AID Twiglow)  into work. we will be publishing the first projections of the impact of COVID19 on selected industries and sections of the economy. The first one will be on the global steel industry. Our projections are based on an interplay of more than 40 variables and hundreds of millions of data entries. So far, the projection precision range fares between 82 - 95 %.

global steeL industry

what is the impact of COVID-19 on production | trade | shipping

GARI's AID TWiglow

GARI's pioneering, unique and highly advanced technology

- Autonomous Intelligent Digital Twin

of the Globalized World -

deeply contextualized - yet tailor-made - AI-assisted understanding

of the complex global and regional environment


The global environment has become one of unprecedented fragility, instability, and unpredictability. Unfortunately, decision-makers too often base their choices with only a fraction of the available data and/or with a narrow focus on a place or topic currently observed. Working in an increasingly complex and interconnected environment, this is not only insufficient, it is outright harmful.  And it is not for the lack of data. There is an abundance of data out there, making it progressively difficult to make sense of it. Yet, the ability to utilize the unprecedented amounts of globally available data on socio-economic, security, environmental, political and other developments gives any actor a key strategic advantage. Whoever will gain and continuously improve the capacity to gather, clean, process, store, aggregate this data and make them available for an instant AI-assisted analysis will be a step closer to winning the global “digital” contest. 

For the past four years, the Global Arena Research Institute has worked hard to make this happen: to enable grounding tactical, conceptual and strategic decisions in a deeply contextualized - yet tailor-made - AI-assisted understanding of the complex global and regional environment. What we offer is our pioneering, unique and highly advanced technology AID Twiglow (Autonomous Intelligent Digital Twin of the Globalized World) After four years of data conceptual work, data gathering and cleaning and developing our machine-learning modelling capacities, we are finally able to put our nascent digital ontology of globalization into work. 

We are able to answer questions based on our big data and machine learning capabilities within seconds and visualise it for effective, immediate and comprehensive understanding by any sector, be it military, political or social. AID Twiglow can compare published/given projections with those based on real data and either showcase the accuracy, validity or discrepancy. The unique ability is that it projects patterns based on over 40 variables that can be chosen, layered, added, or hidden to compare accuracy, impact flows, influence as well as pinpoint the drivers. Various factors can be injected (possible scenarios, future changes, predicted future diversions/variables in trade, energy, security and defence developments and more) and then possible futures can be modelled and projected. With single or multiple variables being played around with, the outcome will be changed and visible in seconds.

We are developing a complex and multidisciplinary centre that can crucially enhance capacities to base our understanding of the global arena on comprehensive, complex and almost real-time data, currently, we use data that is available, and recent, but not real-time.

Global Arena Research Institute will tackle the persisting reliance on conventional wisdom by providing a paradigm that is released from the straightjacket of existing analytical concepts. It will demonstrate that even in the realm of social, economic and human sciences it is possible to overcome the challenges of processing and utilizing enormous volumes of data. The research will be able to link current global interactions and flows to pre-existing normative, political and regulatory frameworks and critically reflect on their relevance.

GARI uses advanced technologies (big data, AI, ML, natural language processing, sentiment analysis) to map globalization through both global flows (big data) as well as mapping institutional social and political frameworks. Our proposal takes the ambition of interlinking social sciences with advanced computing technologies to an unprecedented and truly global level.
GARI’s AID Twiglow can gather and sort information, identify trends, anticipate near future, compare courses of action and project scenarios based on over 5 billion data and hundreds of factors (variables). This data set can be enhanced with data (certain flows, regions) in a matter of days - with more access to data, or purchasing data, we can integrate it into the digital data warehouse within a few days or week. This can be data on environmental waste globally, arms trade, and other specific flows. We are currently working on enriching the AID Twiglow by adding yet another layer of data: the wealth of data of satellite imagery. 

By matching the satellite imagery data with our existing ontology, we can achieve an unprecedented level of global socio-economic-environmental-energy/resources awareness. With the help of this data, we can provide instant access to unparalleled understanding and management of the global and regional factors, something we can truly call the “GPS of Globalization”.

Without claiming to have the proverbial “crystal ball”, the Global Arena Research Institute offers to utilize and further develop its unique “Pro-active Projecting Instrument Services” (PPIS) that provide innovative and sophisticated assistance in making and continuously adjusting trend forecasting at exceptionally short time notice. Utilizing various aforementioned AI-assisted analytical tools and having a ready-to-use digital environment provides us with several key advantages:

  • Speed

  • Complexity and depth

  • Constantly adjusted forecasting = greater accuracy

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