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Uncertainty is unwelcome, yet a necessary part of business. Companies spend fortunes on mitigating risks associated with unclear futures. With the COVID-19 crisis, uncertainty is elevated to unseen heights.

One thing is clear - the indiscriminate spread of COVID-19 is lowering steel output and lead to weaker raw material prices and demand. The question is - how much and for how long?

the Future of the

Global Steel Industry

- Projections -

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global steel report 2020


Global Arena Research Institute offers its unique “Pro-active Projecting Instrument Services (PPIS)” that provide innovative and sophisticated assistance in making and continuously adjusting business forecasting at exceptionally competitive rates. 

No matter what kind of societal and economic transition awaits us, steel will be the key component of the process. Despite its crucial role in the future of global wellbeing, the steel and metal industry is notoriously linked to the general health of the global economy and trade. The global pandemic hit every and all aspects of the global economy and it’s flow and altered the steel and metal industry outlooks literally overnight. Although steel was declared an essential industry in several countries, the global demand level has reached the lows of the 2007 - 2009 crisis. 

Realizing the decisive role of the steel industry and the peril it has found itself in with the spread of COVID-19, the analytical team of the Global Arena Research Institute swiftly employed its immediate access to vast amounts of data on the global socio-economic developments and its analytical capacities in order to provide snap - yet uniquely complex and highly sophisticated - projections of global steel demand and global steel trade between 2020 - 2022. 

One thing is clear - the indiscriminate spread of COVID-19 will lower steel output and lead to weaker demand and possibly weak steel prices. The key question is - how much, for how long and how painful will it be?

Without claiming to have the proverbial “crystal ball”, the Global Arena Research Institute offers its unique “Pro-active Projecting Instrument Services (PPIS)” that provide innovative and sophisticated assistance in making and continuously adjusting business forecasting at exceptionally competitive rates. Our PPIS are based on four years of data-mining and building of an interactive digital environment that incorporates complex, in-depth data on three decades of global, regional, and domestic political and socio-economic developments. Utilizing various AI-assisted analytical tools and having a ready-to-use digital environment provides us with key advantages.

Our PPIS has outlined three possible trajectories of global steel trade & global apparent steel use - optimistic, medium, pessimistic. These trajectories were built using five-step AI-assisted analytics of over forty variables (both industry-specific and general global socio-economic conditions). The values of individual variables were derived (and are constantly updated) from various scenarios, socio-economic and political projections of the COVID-19 impact on the global economy and society. 

Royal Dutch Shell chief executive Ben van Beurden: “We absolutely want to preserve the financial resilience of the company even though we have no idea what could happen,” 


It has been a tough and volatile 18 months for the global steel industry

The multibillion-dollar question is:

what will the next 18 months bring? 

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all services include:

  • Key drivers and their relative strength in the modelling

  • Key socio-economic and manufacturing trends behind the models and their future development

  • Full list of all the variables and their role in the modelling

  • A narrative explanation of the models and their meaning for business and finance related decision making

  • All paid services and accesses include one live online seminar

  • With subscription-based services, we offer a risk-free trial period

All of the below services can be upgraded to include satellite-imagery data which allows an unrivalled speed of information gathering on the industrial output, shipping, supply and inventory, infrastructure building and many more.


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  • utilisation of over 1,600 factors

  • detailed explanation & description of projections

global analisis + subscription PPIS



tailor-made global analisis


from $299

from $499 per month

a) quarterly updates across all the variables

c) monthly updates
d) higher-frequency updates

based on specific needs:

region, country, time frame, particular steel products or crude resource products

strategic foresight,

consulting & engagement


subscription ppis + immediate access to real-time updates


from $999 per month

continuous engagement based on your specific, immediate and actual needs


continuous access to all updated data

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Engine Belt


Top precision

hundreds of variables

Already integrated


expansive scope


Matter of days


Unprecedented extend

satellite imagery

Unprecedented use

5 billion data

Already stored

                                 global and regional conditions for the steel industry will be heavily dependent not only on hard socio-economic indicators but also on the hard-to-measure political environment, regulatory and tariff decisions, societal wellbeing and many other variables. These conditions cannot be projected or forecasted but combining our PPI Services with strategic forecasting and scenarios building can help to imagine possible future trajectories thus helping to stay ahead of the curve and be prepared for a well-articulated range of possible risks and    

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