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As of November 2020 GARI offers access to its vast data and data-analytics at exceptionally competitive rates. You need to focus on your research and interpretation, let us worry about the data and advanced analytical tools.

The previous four years of building our global research data cloud enable us to offer our services at extremely low and accessible rates. Our capabilities can be utilised on a small or large scale, by individuals or entire companies and institutions. In our drive to democratize big-data and artificial intelligence, simple data queries start as low as €20 for individuals and €100 for organizations. All our partnerships are tailored, individual and specific to each partner.

All our partnerships are tailored, individual and specific to each partner. How it works is that you send us your research questions and we will send you an in-depth, understandable and applicable analytics and data.


Using GARI’s enormous and constantly updated global research data cloud with over 8 billion data entries covering all countries in the world and the period of the last 25 - 30 years, we can provide you with the data and analysis you need in a country-specific, regional as well as Global context, or topic-specific context interrelated with any and all other topics (indicators and data sets).


All we need is your question, in exchange, you get understandable and in-depth research you can use for your analysis, article, report, study, policy recommendation, thesis, anything.


  • Socio-economic flows

    • Foreign direct investment, trade (commodities and products), trade in services, energy flows, transport, travel, migration, financial aid, international financial credit and many more

  • Countries’ socio-economic characteristics

    • Between 700 - 1200 socio-economic and development indicators per country (including urbanization, health, education, employment, business environment etc.), GDP, Corruption Perception Index, industrial output, energy-related indicators, violent and armed conflicts database

  • Countries political, regulatory and legislative frameworks




We offer two basic services: data and data plus analytics. After an initial appointment where you explain to us the research question/research challenge that you are facing (e. g. the impact of foreign financial aid on the socio-economic well being of a given country/region, or modelling of various transition paths toward renewable energies) we will offer you several possible instruments and solutions. The simplest data queries can be processed as fast as in one working day.


We believe we bring a solution to your research problems and we can help to smooth you through the otherwise demanding data-heavy research. Our International Advisory Board is our show of quality and range.

Please, inquire about our services or schedule an online appointment at services@globari.org.

Global Arena Research Institute is an independent, non-partisan research organisation that combines the most advanced methods of AI-driven data, scientific and other artificial reasoning capabilities, elevating data science into completely new levels of opportunity. Our goal is to provide unprecedented insights into the nature, impact, and management of globalization in order to improve institutional and governmental as well as business, energy and other sectors’ decision making. Our mission is to make the most of organically connecting AI-level reasoning capacities with the human-level critical reasoning capacities for the sake of a better future.

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The world must establish a genuine dialogue between the most advanced technologies and artificial reasoning capabilities on the one hand, and the normative and critical capabilities of the social sciences on the other. We have reached the point where their mutual inspiration and cross-fertilization is a must.


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