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Vaclav Nekvapil is the Managing Partner of the Prague office of CEC Government Relations, International Public Affairs consultancy since 2010.

He graduated in political science from Charles University in Prague in 2005, obtained a postgraduate qualification in public administration and diplomacy at the École nationale d’administration (ENA) in 2008 and a Ph.D. in politics from Charles University in 2013. His other academic qualifications and experience include a Marshall Memorial Fellowship (2010) and an internship at the European Union Institute for Security Studies in Paris (2008).

After 2004, he was a senior adviser to a member of the Czech Parliament and worked for the Office of the Government. He also served as Vice Chairman and Research Director of a leading Czech think-tank, the Association for International Affairs (AMO) where he headed a team of research fellows, commented on foreign policy for domestic and international media and ran international projects in Belarus, Ukraine and in the South Caucasus.


After 2008, Vaclav became Executive Director for the Association for Communication in the Public Sector, where he was responsible for management of the organization, cooperation with partners and members (ministries, regions, and municipalities), political parties, designing and preparing communication projects, research and training for civil servants, as well as consultancy in political marketing, PR and communication for senior politicians. In 2012 he became President of newly established Association of Public Affairs Agencies of the Czech Republic (APAA).

Vaclav is the author of numerous studies and articles on Czech, European and French foreign policy. He specializes on topics of contemporary anti-semitism and nationalism.

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