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GARI's Podcast

Where technology, science, politics, economy & society meet - think, learn and be entertained a bit as well! Weekly interviews, discussions and latest topics & events that you should know about presented in an interdisciplinary way!

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PODCAST guests

Podcast guests

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What are the most interesting, valuable and current topics and angles that are not at the centre of general global debate? We address vital issues, news and global developments in an interdisciplinary fashion, bringing in experts, stakeholders, influencers, and more to discuss the angles that are missing from popular discussions, but are crucial, fundamental in maybe not the obvious way and imperative to the subject.

Our focus is on all aspects of globalisation, whether in politics, technology, science, economy, society, security, environment, energy or any other domain in global complexity. We invite a grand variety of distinguished guests who can bring real insight that isn't heard in the news, isn't found in the monumental lengths of research reports or is missed from the political language of policy papers and global interactions. We bring integrated multifaceted topics to all.



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