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With the support of the International Visegrad Fund, GARI launched a new project in May 2018. The V4-CARE-ARSEC project is designed as a regional step to establishing an interdisciplinary research centre that aims to alter the ways we understand regional and global processes and globalization. Throughout the research, we will combine pioneering ways of analysing (big) data on flows, interactions and political & regulatory frameworks. We will work to develop a new analytical foundation, usable in real-world policy-making and business decisions. In the long run, our approach has the potential to enhance our capacities to assess the impact of globalisation on the capabilities of governments and institutions to manage the effects of globalization.

The research will run until late 2020, with five major international public events (Prague, Wroclaw, Budapest, Bratislava and Brno) to take place throughout the duration of the project. 


Department of International Relations and European Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, MU (Brno)

Kopint-Tárki Institute (Budapest)

​​Politechnika Wrocławska or Wrocław University of Science and Technology

Research Centre of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association (Bratislava)

Global Arena Research Institute (Prague)​ 

partnering with 

Global Steel Report

With Masaryk University & Wroclaw Politecnica

Energy Transition in the V4

With Slova Foreign Policy Association & Wroclaw Politecnica

Economy & Business Policy paper

Global Arena Research Institute

V4 CARE-ARSEC - Reports

Public presentations of V4 CARE ARSEC achievements have unfortunately been postponed due to the ongoing COVID uncertain situation.

We look forward to sharing our extraordinary results soon!


Unfortunately our public events planned for the culmination of the project work were scheduled for Autumn 2020. We very much look forward to showcasing all our results in 2021!

Wroclaw Meeting

At Politechnika Wrocławska 2020

On March 2nd 2020 the project team met with partners Piotr Bródka and Radosław Michalski at the Politechnical University in Wroclaw to discuss key progress in the area of continuing to create the complex data environment and collect relevant data.



at the Next 100 Symposium in Prague 2019

Executive Director of the International Visegrad Fund, Andor F. Dávid & Slovak Foreign Policy Association Director Tomas Strazay: International Visegrad Fund in Recharging Central Europe: IVF and Innovations.

 Iain Begg, LSE: Why Does Europe "Punch Beneath its Weight"?

Adela Denkova: Renewable Energy in the Visegrad Countries: Policy Discussion

Shmuel BarFounder & CEO, IntuView, & David Welch, Security Expert, Waterloo University & Jiri Sedivy, Former Assistant Sec-Gen of NATO:
What future for Technology in War and Conflict?

Shmuel Bar & Jan Lipavsky
Personal Freedom & Technology

Martin Chovancik: Future of Central and Eastern European Defence Industries

Tomas Strazay, SFPA: Foreign Influece in the Balkans

n100 breakout RJS.jpg

Prague Meeting

At the Global Arena Research Institute office 2019

On September 11th and 12th we held a meeting in Prague.


Bratislava Meeting

At the International Visegrad Fund HQ 2019

On March 19th and 20th 2019, the V4 CARE ARSEC team met in Bratislava for its regular internal working session. On Tuesday, the team discussed energy-related issues with a guest during a working dinner (representatives of the Slovak Ministry of Economy, Slovenske elektrarne, Slovak Gas and Oil Industry Union, Czech Gas Industry Union).


On Wednesday the team held an intensive working meeting at the seat of the International Visegrad Fund. The working meeting focused on the progress of the building of the "data warehouse", adding new important elements in terms of trade, energy and socioeconomic flows and political frameworks.

The meeting was greeted by Executive Director of the International Visegrad Fund, Andor F. Dávid. 


Meeting in Prague

Hosted by GARI 2018


On Wednesday, December 5th 2018, GARI hosted an internal working meeting of the project V4 CARE ARSEC. It was a second meeting of the international team. The main focus was to design specific ways of data-mining and data-processing of the information related to flows and actors' attributes. The team decided to start building a "data warehouse" as a prominent step towards better accessibility and manageability of the data in the future. 


As part of the Next 100 Symposium 2018

On October 14th and 15th 2018, the Global Arena Research Institute organized the first global dialogue titled Next 100 Symposium. An important part of the symposium consisted of three breakout sessions that were organized as part of the V4 CARE ARSEC forum and consisted of three separate sessions:


1. Data Science and “Big-Data” for Business, Politics, Policies and Security with speaker Shmuel Bar

2. Central European Futures: Five Scenarios with Tomas Strazay and Wojciech Przybylski

3. Ecology of Modern Firm: A Look into the Complex Structure of the Multinational Corporations


Among the audience, representatives of the corporate sector, experts, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises were present, as well as members of the media. These sessions gave GARI a platform, among others, to discuss the opportunities to collaborate and the use of the "Big and Complex Data" approach, as well as to focus on the potential impacts of digitalization on the future of Central Europe. ​

 N100 - 309.jpg

Meeting in Wroclaw

Hosted by Politechnika Wroclaw 2018

On Tuesday, September 19th 2018 the Global Arena Research Institute organized an initial working meeting of the Strategic Grant of the International Visegrad Fund - V4 CARE-ARSEC (Computer Aided Reasoning in Assessing Regional Socio-economic Complexity). The internal working meeting took place in Wroclaw, in cooperation with the project partner - Politechnika Wroclaw

The meeting was joined by representatives of all the project partners (Masaryk University, Brno, Kopint-Tárki Institute, Budapest, Slovak Foreign Policy Association, Bratislava and Politechnika Wroclaw). 

The participants agreed on the schedule of internal and public events related to the project and discussed the conceptual, methodological and other research issues. Strong emphasis was put on preparing the innovative conjunction of Big and Complex data and Complex Network analysis and the research on international relations and economy. The next event will be a public forum, held in Prague in early December 2018.

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