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Executive Director

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Odessa serves as the Executive Director of the Global Arena Research Institute, where she oversees its flagship initiatives, including the annual Next 100 Symposium and the ReDefine Next 100 global youth program. Beyond her leadership roles, she is also the engaging host of the institute's podcast, "Last Week on Earth with the Global Arena Research Institute," where she explores pressing global issues and innovations.

Her career is marked by notable recognitions for her leadership and contributions to youth, peace, and security. These include being named a Young Leader for Europe at the European Commission’s European Development Days 2017, participating in the European Forum Alpbach through the support of the Erste Foundation & National Endowment for Democracy, and advising on the UNSC Resolution 2250 during the European Regional Consultation in Brussels. Her dedication to global development is further underscored by her selection as a One Young World scholarship holder. In November 2023, Odessa was a G20 Delegate at the Jagriti Yatra, an entrepreneurial train journey across India.

Odessa's expertise in migration and new media has led her to advise EU institutions in Brussels, where she has contributed valuable insights into migration policies and integration strategies. Her humanitarian efforts are particularly noteworthy; she has been actively involved in responding to the refugee and migration crisis in Europe and Lebanon. Her work on Lesvos Island and in the Bequaa Valley with Salam LADC highlights her commitment to providing aid and support in crisis situations.

In 2017, Odessa founded the Go Think Initiative, a think tank that delves into the impact of media on politics and society, with a special focus on the media landscape and technological trends in Central Europe, particularly the Visegrad countries.

Additionally, Odessa co-founded the Czech & Slovak Club Alpbach, fostering intellectual and cultural exchange and furthering her commitment to European dialogue and cooperation. As a Global Shaper, part of the World Economic Forum, and the Curator of the Prague Hub in 2019, she has played a pivotal role in shaping community discussions and initiatives that address local and global challenges.

Odessa graduated with a degree in Global Politics and International Relations from Birkbeck College, University of London, where she also hosted the IAPSS World Congress (the largest gathering of international political science students of the association to date).

Odessa is a recognized expert in the realms of body language, behavior, and the broader spectrum of non-verbal communication. She conducts specialized workshops and offers personal mentorship, with a dual focus on interpreting the subtle cues of others and mastering one's own non-verbal signals for enhanced networking, negotiation, and influence. Her mentorship helps individuals not only to understand and interpret the non-verbal communication of those around them but also to strategically utilize their own body language. This dual approach ensures participants can stand out, earn trust, and bolster their credibility in every conversation. By empowering individuals to both decode and project non-verbal cues effectively, Odessa's guidance ensures that communication transcends words, enabling deeper connections and more impactful interactions.

Odessa's love for music is marked by her talent for lyric retention (especially the Beatles), a skill fuelling the playful dismay of her friends.  She's also warily memorized an array of contemporary pop songs, thanks to the unsolicited serenades from corner shop radios. Whether it's the timeless tunes of Hoagie Carmichael and David Bowie or the latest chart-toppers she's "accidentally" absorbed while shopping for groceries, Odessa's eclectic and sometimes involuntary playlist accompanies her daily.

To get in touch with Odessa about speaking opportunities and other invitations please email  

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last week on earth with gari

Odessa is the main host of the podcast Last Week on Earth with Global Arena Research InsituteFor any inquiries about the podcast, such as inviting hosts Odessa Primus or Michal Koran as a guest on another podcast, or arranging a collaboration or partnership on GARI's podcast, please email

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Speaker at Neoway

Odessa was a speaker at February's Wisdom Accelerator for Youth NeoWay started in Davos. Odessa spoke on Big Data & AI.

Minute 2:42:25

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ACP young professionals network

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One young world leader

Odessa was a One Young World Scholarship holder in 2018 attending the summit in The Hague. 

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presentation at the CEE Sustainable Finance Summit

In May 2023, Odessa Primus, the Executive Director, delivered a presentation at the CEE Sustainable Finance Summit in Prague. The topic of her presentation was how to use a digital twin of the world to understand, predict and design globalisation. 

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2017 european  development days

Odessa interviewing Gervais Appave, Special Adviser to the Director-General of the International Organisation on Migration (IOM) and Cecile Riallant, Head of UN Joint Migration and Development Initiative at the 2017 European Development Days.

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Go Think initiative 

Go Think Initiative was a think tank founded by Odessa in 2017 with its main project being V4 Think Media.

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Volunteer/refugee crisis

Additionally Odessa Volunteered in Greece and Lebanon from 2015 to 2017 and raised funds to support refugees. 

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10 to go by patrick van der smagt

Odessa joined the accelerator 10toGo by GARI's International Advisory Board Member Patrick van der Smagt, Director of AI for Volkswagen Group, in collaboration with Microsoft. Odessa, on behalf of the Global Arena Research Institute as an SDG expert providing data and machine learning-led analysis.

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Young leader for europe

Odessa was the Young Leader for Europe in the 2017 European Development Days speaking on Migration.

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European Hero

Odessa was a featured European Hero in 2018. To learn more about her insights and experience check out her interview. 

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