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what are we after?

how is this podcast different?

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What are the most interesting, valuable and current topics and angles that are not at the centre of general global debate? We address vital issues, news and global developments in an interdisciplinary fashion, bringing in experts, stakeholders, influencers, and more to discuss the angles that are missing from popular discussions, but are crucial, fundamental in maybe not the obvious way and imperative to the subject. Our focus is on all aspects of globalisation, whether in politics, technology, science, economy, society, security, environment, energy or any other domain in global complexity.

We invite a grand variety of distinguished guests who can bring real insight that isn't heard in the news, isn't found in the monumental lengths of research reports or is missed from the political language of policy papers and global interactions. We bring integrated multifaceted topics to all.


what we're after

what are the goals of each recording?

Your own perspective on the topic we're going to be chatting about

To know you, what's the most exciting thing you're working on now? What topics, news, happenings are you most interested in now and what do you think about them?

What are the most important, fascinating or intriguing developments in your sector or work?

What are the challenges and opportunities you face now? How can you (they be) overcome them?

What do you want your area of work/sector/domain to look like in 10 years time? How can we get there? What needs to be done? Who needs to do it?

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how can we make this well?

  • Don't follow any of these instructions if they'll throw you off

  • Please use ear/headphones

  • Please use a microphone if you have one

  • Please turn off all sounds around you

  • Try and pretend we're sitting at a cafe or pub having this chat - it should be more of a great conversation than an interview or serious dialogue


  • The publishing date of your podcast is here as well as on the public page

  • We will email you the moment it is published and we have shared it on social media - please like the post on LinkedIn and if you feel comfortable with it, we would be eternally grateful if you also shared it (your institution/personal profile) so more people can hear our content

Thank you!​

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Do you have feedback, questions or a suggestion? Contact us!


Laura Ingemarsson

Podcast and Communication

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