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do to the covid19 global pandemic the redefine n100 programme is cancelled until the situation is more defined and clear

The world is not full of problems for us to solve, but of opportunities for us to mold our future. ReDefine Next100 challenges delegates to think outside the box, and look at our world through the lens of opportunity. By addressing global challenges with such groundbreaking innovation, ReDefiners are shaping the way we will interact and exist in the future, today. 

2021 Redefine n100

After a rigorous application process, GARI chooses up to 20 ReDefinders and places them into groups so that each group has common interests and diverse expertise.

This could be a group of 5 where they've all chosen a combination of interests like

climate change | technological innovation | urbanism

while their expertise could be a combination of

mechanical engineering | international development

computer science | architecture | energy security


Together they pick an area/topic (e.g. sustainable urbanism, green Europe, European Integration, Trans-Atlantic research & innovation platform/exchange) and combine their expertise.


They then imagine (realistically and based on rigorous research) the most ideal manifestation of this 5-15 years from now, the then create the roadmap, timeline, and action plan for this to become so. This will include research methodology, scenario building, variables of each field affecting that manifestation throughout the timeline, identifying key stakeholders, their role, most likely action and again, variables that may affect the roadmap and timeline, budget for initial planning including meetings, working groups, and milestone action plans/deliverables, whom do they need to get involved and how does each sector need to adapt, transform, and behave. 

The ReDefine N100 groups then present their vision, roadmap and action plan at the Next 100 Symposium in front of the stakeholders that have the power to follow it.

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