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Tony Curzon Price is the Senior Advisor at the UK Cabinet Office (the Cabinet Office supports the Prime Minister and ensures the effective running of government). Formerly he was the Economic Advisor to the Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. He worked closely on the elaboration of the UK's Industrial Strategy White Paper, on government responses to GAFA, on climate change policy and on competition and consumer policy. He has previously worked for the Financial Conduct Authority and the Competition and Markets Authority. He founded Arithmatica, a silicon valley design company, and spent 5 years building the company in the Bay Area; he was editor-in-chief of the UK political website openDemocracy, where transformed openDemocracy into a not-for-profit editors’ cooperative for comment, analysis and investigation. He wrote his PhD on game theory and market design with Ken Binmore at UCL.

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